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Applicant Requirement

For any person who apply for the motor insurance from this website, the applicant must agree and confirm the terms and conditions below, in order to make the policy effective:

  1. The Applicant must be the car owner and 1st named driver;
  2. All named driver(s) are aged 25 to 69, and the driving experience is 2 years or above[1] (including at least 1 years or above electric vehicle driving experience, if the insured vehicle is Tesla electric vehicle ), together with valid driving license and incurred not more than 9 points in Driving-offence Points System;
  3. All named driver(s) incurred not more than 2 times of claims in latest 3 years, and all claims are not involved body injury and total claims amount not more than HK$60,000;
  4. The Applicant and all named driver(s) did not involve any dangerous driving, drunk driving, drug driving or penalized with driving license suspension in latest 3 years;
  5. The Applicant and all named driver(s) have never been refuse renewal by any insurers, cancel or additional terms in latest 3 years;
  6. Insured vehicle cannot used for commercial purpose or rental use; Insurance of the insured vehicle will be expired within 3 months time;
  7. The insured person agree not to lend the insured vehicle to a person to drive who is under 25 years of age or a person who has not held for a period of 2 years a driving licence.
  8. This insurance is only suitable for motor vehicles within Geographical area, and cover motor (Vehicle Registered Class shown in Private Car only, others are not acceptable) accident caused within Geographical area. "Geographical Area" means the territories of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and includes its territorial waters for the purpose of the transit of the Motor Car by sea (including incidental loading or unloading) by a craft designed for the carriage of motor cars.
  9. Please fill out the information carefully, failure to provide adequate proof of the No Claims Discount you have declared may result in your premium being increased or your policy being cancelled.
  10. Our company does not accept a copy NCD (If NCD is not successfully verified, Additional Premium will be charged for the discrepancy.)

The quotation and the terms above may varies from time to time, our Company reserved the right to change without prior notice.


  1. Driving experience is 2 years or above: 1 year Probationary class & 1 year Full class

港車北上等效先認︰交強險 , 商業保險 詳情

  1. 第三方的死亡傷殘(全年最高賠償額 : 人民幣180,000元)
  2. 第三方的醫療費用(全年最高賠償額 : 人民幣18,000元)
  3. 第三方的財產損壞(全年最高賠償額 : 人民幣2,000元)
  1. 第三方的死亡傷殘
  2. 第三方的醫療費用
  3. 第三方的財產損壞

  1. 駕駛員/乘客的人身傷亡

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